AP Skills Page (compile definitions, worksheets, strategies for test, etc)

Overall Reference Materials

Socratic Seminar Intro Prezi

This has most of the definitions you will need!

Amazing archetype guide!

Analysis Guides for Scarlet Letter, Gatsby, and Their Eyes Were Watching God. I really liked the compilation of potential reading quiz questions!

Another large reference document with common metaphors.

A list of all of the AP practice questions and how I am breaking them down by Unit.

This is the syllabus we submit to College Board, but we don't really use it except as a launching point for our own planning.

Unit 1: Foundations in Rhetoric

An interesting article which might help convince students about the importance of understanding roots and whatnot.

I'm thinking that this year I might make them create categories or made new categories.

A couple of activities I've had them do as content related icebreakers.

Another icebreaker I've used to get them to reflect on themselves as learners

A quiz that can be given to the AP students to see if they did their summer assignment.

SV stands for student version. I like making review games for these.

A nice guide for students to keep as they finish up this unit.

A way
to set up different partnerships.

Information for the core standards posters.

A short essay I am doing at the end of the unit.

A little review before I do the grammar jigsaw.

Grammar Jigsaw Materials.

This goes with one of the groups. I forget which one.

Unit 2: American Rhetoric

A short piece of rhetoric to play with.

This goes with a video that I show to introduce the founding of our country.

Graphic Organizer for Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. The excerpt is in our Yellow Am Lit Books.

An excerpt from Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Declaration of Independence and Activities

I Have a Dream Speech and Activities.

Copy of Letter from Birmingham Jail by MLK.

An fun activity when discussion Enlightenment/Rationalism/Puritanism.

A analysis strategy I use.

Great rhetorical overview.

Essay writing overview.

Another good reference guide.

A beginning point to help students form rhetorical analysis essays.

Helps AP students understand the test expectations.

Patrick Henry Speech.

FDR's Most Famous Speech

JFK's Most Famous Speech.

A famous Reagan Speech.

The Sneaker Unit:)

Unit 3: American Philosophy

A compilation of notes regarding Definitions of Romanticism, Transcendentalism, and Realism

Documents to help teach the Isms.

List of major theme topics which come up in novels.

Scarlet Letter:

Lots of ideas when one is introducing the novel.

Two interesting articles that might tie in to a discussion about law, crime, and punishment.

Goes with the topic above.

Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven

Edgar Allen Poe: Annabel Lee

A movie I watch with Scarlet Letter.

A possible transition from Puritanism to Romanticism.

A Whole Bunch of Notes I took for Scarlet Letter.


PDF copy from our textbook.

To help with Whitman.

May not fit exactly with the corresponding texts in the AP book, but would be good for the on level students.

There is also an except of Thoreau's Civil Disobedience that is pretty good in our yellow Am Lit Books.

Unit 4: American Humor

A serious satire on cheerleading.

A satire on England's health care system.

A little review I might do right before their Semester 1 final.

Satire from Mark Twain

A fun piece of satire!

Unit 5: American Hero

We wouldn't have time for the vocab but I liked some of the ideas in here for Huck Finn. And it had a good bank of questions already prepared!

Scenes I use for the satire skit.
I think I'd like to watch excerpts of Batman Begins to discover the idea of the American Hero.

Unit 6: American Dream

Unit 7: American Individualism

Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell

Could be used with Grapes of Wrath/ Invisible Man or with Unit 6.

Booker T. Washington and PPT that goes with it.

I do this with Catcher in the Rye.

A good character list.

Some good review questions.

Another couple of good resources to adapt.

I love watching this movie in this particular Unit.

This assignment was a hit last year!

Good source of big picture questions.

Unit 8 (AP Only): AP Focus Unit

Review Materials.

I didn't know where else to put this. This is the Sem2 final for AP and some examples from last year.

Unit 8/9: American Poetry